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Staff Rules

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:41 pm

1. Be respectful to all community members
2. Serve as a role model for other players
3. Do not harrass users of the server.
4. Do not use administrative commands unless in case of emergency or if you are on duty.
5. NEVER question the final verdict of a higher up.
6. You must be 14 years or older to apply for staff
7. NEVER request a promotion
8. Do not alter the server rules in any way.
9. Do not be biased towards players
10. Do not use vulgar language during staff sits.
11. Keep a mature attitude at all times
12. You must have a sit before warning a player
13. You may not handle your own sits UNLESS deemed necessary, and there's not a sufficient number of staff members online.
14. When applying for staff, in the field: "Did you read the staff rules:" the response should be your in-game-name, IE:
"Did you read the staff rules:

Staff Ranks Responsibilities
Trial Moderator

Handle sits
Show activity on the forums


Mentor T. Mods
Handle sits
Show activity on the forums

Senior Moderator

Train new staff members
Handle sits
Mentor T. Mods
Show activity on the forums

Lead Moderator

Spectate the moderators team to ensure they're properly behaved/taking care of their duties
Train new staff members
Handle sits
Mentor T. Mods
Show activity on the forums


Handle all of the above
Serve as a role models for all those ranking underneath you
Show activity within the Discord aswell as the forums

Promotions and Demotions
Promotions on TEG DarkRP do not necessarily occur every week, infact, the more staff that we've got on the server, the higher the ball is going to be in order to achieve a promotion. Promotions are evaluated in the following fashion:

Did the user pass the average weekly sit count?
Did the user follow guidelines to their rank?
Did the user receive any negative/positive feedback?

It may take well up to a month in order to jump up a rank, but it may also take as short as a week according to the amount of work you had put in. Asking for a promotion is a sure way to miss out on a promotion, and any bitching related to ranks may result in the termination of your rank.

Punishment Guidelines

In order to punish a player for a given offense, you must first initiate a staff situation where you will try and figured out what the median is between the defendant and accuser. Any minor offense such as harassment and use of vulgar language during a staff situation may result in anything from jailtime, to a warning, to a ban depending on the severity of the situation. You must always punish a user according to the guidelines, and you may not punish a player for a lengthened period of time without a higher-up's approval.
In order to be granted a higher-up's approval, you must demonstrate the situation to the best of your ability, and explain why an extended punishment is necessary. (IE: excessive negative behavior, multiple warnings in the past)

Ban length Handbook

Mass RDM/RDA - 4 week ban
RDM/RDA & LTAP - 2 days
DDoS Threats - Permanent ban


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