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DarkRP Server Rules

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:32 pm

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to read and abide by our server rules, failure to do so may result in a punishment.

   General Rules
   1. Do not RDM
   2. Do not NLR
   3. Do not disrespect others players when out-of-character (OOC); this includes disrespect.
   4. Do not chat/micspam
   5. DDoS threats will result in a permanent ban.
   6. Do not propminge.
   7. Usage of 3rd party tools may result in a ban.
   8. Do not post links in chat.
   9. Do not advertise.
   10. Do not abuse exploits. If you discover an exploit, notify staff immediately - You may receive a reward.
   11. Do not stack/chain adverts.
   12. Adverts must be clear.
   13. Do not impersonate other users.
   14. Staff decisions are final.
   15. Do not display pornography or otherwise graphic material.
   16. Do not demote other players if staff members are online, contact staff if you have an issue.
   17. Do not build on the streets (unless your job allows for it).
   18. Do not FDA.
   19. Do not do RP in spawn, EX: Raping/Mugging/etc...

   Building and Basing Rules
   1. KOS lines only apply to interiors.
   2. Your base must be raid-able by all classes with raiding capabilities, including civil protection.
   3. You may propblock your base when a building sign is in place.
   4. You may not posses raidables when buildings.
   5. No crouch bases - require crouching to get into.
   6. No faulty keypads
   7. Keypads must be directly besides the prop they operate.
   8. You must own the building upon which you want to build.
   9 You may block off excessive entrances into your base. IE: windows, backdoors.
   10. You may not have more than 4 fading doors per base.
   11. You may not build on the streets (unless allowed by job).
   12. Your base may not be designed to trap people.
   13. Maze bases must be clear.
   14. If you own the doors to a building, you must build in, or actively use it.
   15. Do not have an unfair advantage in a fire fight. IE: Where you can see and shoot someone, but they cannot see or shoot back.
   16. You may not have a "no loitering" sign of any sort.

   Raiding Rules
   1. You may not raid people who have a building text screen on their base.
   2. Raids can last up to 10 minutes.
   3. If you die defending a base during a raid, you may not return to the base until the raiding party has left the base.
   4. You cannot raid the same base for 30 minutes.
   5. You may not build during a raid.

   Mug Rules
   1. You can mug someone for a maximum of $1,000.
   2. The mug cooldown is 5 minutes
   3. Your target must be aware they're getting mugged.
   4. You must provide your victim with 10 seconds to drop the cash, you may chase after them if they disobey, and may shoot them when the 10 seconds have past.
   5. During mugs, you may not strip someone of their weapons or rights to fight or run.

   Job Rules

   1. You may create a bank where you can legally store money printers for fee.
   2. You may not withhold the printer or it's money from a client.
   3. You may not destroy a clients printers.

   Body Guard
   1. You may be paid by a client to protect them outside of their base.
   2. You may not base with your client.
   3. You may participate and assist with raids, mugs, and kidnaps with your client.

   1. You may counter illegal activities.
   2. You may not raid, mug, or kidnap.
   3. You may own money printers and base.

   Dealers - Gun Dealer; Export Gun Dealer; Black Market Dealer
   1. You must be available to sell at all times.
   2. You may not deny a customer.
   3. You may not self supply, unless there is noone else available.

   Drug Dealer - under development

   Hitman & Assassin
   1. Hits may only be placed using the E menu.
   2. You may raid only if necessary to complete a hit.

   When applying for staff and the question"Did you read the server rules" appears your answer should be your age.

   Hobo + Hobo Lord
   1. You may not block off streets.
   2. You may base outdoors.
   3. You may not perform any illegal activities such as money printing.
   5. You may mic spam using your own voice.
   6. You may not own a gun larger than a pistol.
   7. Hobos may not have KOS signs.
   8. Hobos are immune to lockdowns.
   9. You may only build small huts, nothing else.

   1. You may not own a gun larger than a pistol.
   2. You may assist in raids.

   1. You may only base with other mob members.
   2. Mob members must be accompanied by at-least two members in order to raid.

   Protective Drone
   1. You may be hired by a master to protect them both in and out of their base.
   2. You may base with your master and store printers in their base.
   3. You may also assist your master with actions such as raiding, mugging, and kidnapping.

   Raiding Classes - Thief; Master Thief; Cyber Thief; Alyx; Stealthy Thief; Professional Thief; Mob Leader
   1. You may mug and raid.
   2. You may own a base and printers.

   Civil Protection - Police Medic; Police Officer; Police Chief; Terminator; SWAT Team
   1. You may not own doors or build.
   2. You must enforce the laws of the city.
   3. You may not perform illegal actions.
   4. You may not randomly want or warrant.
   5. You may not stun stick abuse.
   6. You may counter without adverting.
   7. Civil Protection may break NLR to defend from PD raids.

   1. You are to be near the mayor at all times and defend him.
   2. If no mayor is appointed, you must act as a normal CP.

   1. You may not perform illegal actions unless the laws specifically dictate so.
   2. You may only build inside the PD.
   3. If you call a lock down, you must explain your reason for the lock down via broadcast.
   4. You may not create laws that clash with default laws.
   5. No KOS laws.
   6. No J-walking laws.
   7. No minge laws.
   8. Gun licenses can cost up to $5,000.


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